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Apple preserves is just like granny used to make. A sweet crisp apple sensation infused with a dense cinnamon and spice finish.

Amish Paradise was born from a secret family recipe handed down from generation to generation. This rich date pudding is a sweet decadent dessert flavor that is absolutely to die for!

Rumspringa sweet strawberries, tart limes, and a slight cool mint rush combine for a refreshing walk on the wild side.

Elis sticky buns is a gooey caramel drizzled over warm cinnamon rolls baked to perfection with our family's secret spices. Eli's Sticky Buns is the ultimate melt in your mouth flavor.

The lemon bars is a classic summer staple in the Amish kitchen. For generations our family has used this tangy fruit to create the most divine lemon bars your palate could possibly dream of and then we dust them in a sweet layer of powdered sugar.

this product comes in 0, 3 and 6 mgs of nicotine.