Dr. Dabber Aurora

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Dr. Dabber Aurora X AHOL Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen Kit Introducing theDr. Dabber Aurora X AHOL Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen Kit. This collaboration masterpiece was made possible by the talented Miami graffiti artist David Anasagasti. David, best known as AHOL Sniffs Glue provided the masterful design for this limited Aurora drawing inspiration from his Miami street graffiti and Gallery inspired artwork. Dr. Dabber has formed a winning collaboration with stunning form and brilliant function from the reliability and performance of their proven technology. Utilizing an iconic signature of textile repeating patterns and eyeballs with droopy lids, AHOL has become a fixture in galleries and on the streets of South Florida. If you are unfamiliar with the award-winning Dr. Dabber Aurora, this is a proven VapePen providing a low and slow vapor for pure flavor. The device has a slim profile designed to create the best possible low-heat vapor session for waxy oil concentrates. The variable battery offers three ideally calibrated settings. The kit also includes three quartz dish atomizers producing unmatched vapor quality and premium flavor. The Aurora’s ergonomic ceramic shotgun mouthpiece provides a contoured fit for an optimal airflow. Features: Limited Edition Unique Design Magnetic Snap-tech Connection Satin Finish 3 Various Heat Settings Ceramic Shotgun Style Mouthpiece 3 Atomizers Included: Dual Quartz Rod, Dual Ceramic Rod Ceramic Halo Includes: 1x Dr. Dabber 1x AHOL Limited Edition Aurora VapePen 1x Dr. Dabber 1x AHOL Stash Can 1x Dual Ceramic Heating Rod w/Quartz Atomizer 1x Dual Quartz Heating Rod w/Quartz Atomizer 1x Ceramic Halo w/Quartz Atomizer 1x Concentrate Loading Tool 1x Shatterproof Silicone Storage Container 1x User Manual 1x Magnetic USB Charger 1x Keychain 1x AHOL Concentrate Mat 1x AHOL Pin