Airbender Pods

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Airbender pods are compatible with the juul.

High Wire We paired Watermelon and Honey Dew, drizzled it with Mango Puree and then topped it off with Fresh Strawberries.

Paladin Crisp Apple, sweet Raspberry and ripe Blueberry topped with a hint of exotic Dragon Fruit.

Gypsy Tantrum Watermelon, Strawberry and Kiwi topped with a touch of Cream Pinkie Strawberry Frosted Yellow Cake

Pitaya On Ice Juicy Dragon Fruit and Papaya with an Icy Twist

Harassmint Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve blended with a Minty goodness

Mixed High Wire, Gypsy Tantrum, Pinkie, and Paladin in one package Strawberry Ripe, Sweet Strawberry

New Shorts Classic Menthol Tobacco

Cucumber Mint The great taste of cucumbers fuzzed with a delicious mint