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Mystery? Is a blend of mixed berry taffy that will keep you guessing with each and every hit.

Blue Razz offers a Blue Raspberry taffy mix that’s tart in the start, but sweet during the finish.

Strawberry Kiwi offers the nostalgic taste of your favorite juice pouch rendered into a chewy taffy. 

Berry Rush Ejuice by Air Factory features a succulent blend of berries including a wicked whammy of all your favorites: sun-warmed strawberries, plump blueberries, gently sweet raspberries, and tart blackberries.

Wild Apple Ejuice by Air Factory is a crazy blend of wild apple and taffy candy which makes a tart and sweet candied fruit dream, stretched and pulled into a delicious taffy and melted down into eliquid form.

Melon Lush Ejuice by Air Factory is a succulent blend of giant summer watermelons and luscious honeydew melons that are blended perfectly with stretchy taffy.