CV Sauce 30ml Section 1

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216 Fix- Apple cinnamon fritter.

81- Orange creamsicle.

Banana Taffy- Creamy banana goodness.

Blue Cotton Candy- Melt in your mouth blue cotton candy.

Blue Headlands- Ripe blueberries.

Brooklyn Banana- Creamy banana cream pie.

Cannoli- Cream filled cannoli.

Chief Leaf- Tobacco .

Cinnabomb- Cinnamon pastry.

Cleveland Chai- Chai tea.

Cleveland Dream- Orange creamsicle.

Cocoa Pebbles- Chocolate cereal

Creme Brulee- caramel creme brulee.

Custard Flatts- Cream custard.

Dead Mans Curve- Peanut butter and jelly.

Donut- Glazed donut.

Erie Roast- Espresso with vanilla, mocha and cream.

Grape Geek- Ripe grapes.

Grape Soda- Grape soda.

Great Lake Cheesecake- Vanilla cheesecake.

Jam Roll- Jam Pastry.

Key Lime Pie- Keylime pie.

King David- Cinnamon sugar.

Lake Freeze- Menthol.