Vape Nut

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Vape Nut
VapeNut is a unique and incredible useful system that is specifically designed alongside Joyetech, Eleaf, andWismectowards effective vapor filtration and elimination, making it one of the most useful systems for regular users. With a rounded, elegant design, the VapeNut is manufactured out of high quality composites and can be used and maintained without tools. Internally, the VapeNut utilizes a circulating air turbocharger system to draw vapor and other particulates into the chassis, which is then filtered through a replaceable high density vapor specific filter, resulting in clean and filtered air. The VapeNut features four modes that vary the speed and rate of filtration, with an intuitive and intelligent automatic mode that senses vapor concentration around the unit and automatically adjusts the filtration system higher and lower as needed. This intuitive system makes the VapeNut a set it and forget it unit, with a high quality silent fan and air duct design that produces less than 50 decibels of sound. The VapeNut also includes a car adapter that allows users to effectively power a unit within their vehicle for additional flexibility. Codesigned with three of the top manufacturers in the industry, Avatar Controls' VapeNut enters 2017 as the must have premiumvape accessoryon the marketplace.

Never, under ANY circumstances, place batteries, live electrical elements, or any other electrically active components into this device. Doing so may result in potentially life-threatening injuries and/or damage.

Product Features:

Intelligent Vapor Detection and Elimination

Built In Sensor Detects Vapor in Real Time
Adjusts Fan Speed for Vapor Filtration

Four Fan Speed Cycle

Manually Adjustable Fan Speed


Yellow LED


Orange LED



High Quality Silent Fan and Circular Air Duct

Reduced Noise
Less Than 50dB

Circulating Air Turbocharger Sytem
Replaceable High Density Vapor Filter

Toolless Replacement and Maintenance
Includes Two Filters

LED Light Indication

Center Light Indicates Concentration of Vapor
Power Light Indicates Mode and/or Speed

10 Cubic Meter Rated Filtration

Perfect for Personal Spaces
Perfect for Vehicles

Car Adapter Included

DC12V Working Voltage

Includes Wall Adapter

Durable Plastic Housing

Non Slip Rubber Base

Product Dimensions:

200mm by 200mm by 121mm

Product Includes:

One Avatar VapeNut
Two VapeNut Vapor Filters
One Wall Adapter
One Car Adapter
One Quickstart User Manual

Advanced User Item. Use at Your Own Risk!