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    Airbender Juul Pods Available in 4 packsComptaible with Juul devicesFlavor variety (Fruit, Menthol, Dessert)What's in E-Liquid?What is E-Liquid?E-liquid is the liquid used in e-cigarettes which create vapor.What flavors do they come in?E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors...

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    Wraps Coils (Blue Bag) Alien Coils: Ni80 3x28/36 0.3 OHMs(White Bag) Four-Core Aliens: Ni80 4x27/36 0.09 OHMs(Black Bag) Comp Aliens: Ni80 3x26/38 0.08 OHMs(Blue Bag) Custom Fused: Ni80 0.28 OHMs(Blue Bag) Fraples: 6PC .4Ribbon 27/38 0.09 OHMs(Blue Bag) Predator...