OVP Oil Vape Pen Battery Herb-e By MIG VAPOR

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OVP Oil Vape Pen Battery Herb-e By MIG VAPOR
Product Descrition:
Perfection in your hands.This device is designed for the finest pre filled 510 cartomizers and atomizers. This device is designed for California, Washington and new York as well as many other states that sell prefilled cartridges with shitty batteries.Now your juice that's so valuable can be enjoyed like a glass of fine wine. Ok details: This will not work the the canna-blast tank, sorry for that. Most prefilled cartridges and atomizers will however work and like a champ. Mig Vapor Skunk Works is hard at work to bring the the most enjoyable as well and high quality vape that you have come to expect from Mig Vapor.
This compact hand held discreet vape battery for your pre filled 510 cartridge will make your life easier. The 3 level power supply will assist your vape with basic low, medium and high power levels for your expensive oil cartridge. Spending so much on what's in your vape pen, why not spend a little on a battery that will save your content and maximize the effect.

What's Included:
Magnet connectors