Nostrum eJuice


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Nostrum eJuice
Our popular house mix. Available in many different flavors and nicotine levels. Please call for any questions. Great Lake Cheesecake - Creamy classic with graham crust The Flats - Fall fruits with warm cinnamon Chief Leaf - American tobacco Lake Freeze - Cool menthol Nerds Rope -Red licorice and tangy sweet candy Cleveland Chai - Vanilla honey chai tea Commodore Peachy - Lemon peach iced tea Solon Smoothie - Blueberry and kiwi smoothie Peaches in Parma - Peaches in yogurt Erie Roast - Espresso, vanilla, mocha, cream Cuyahoga Caramel - Homemade caramel sauce Brooklyn Banana - Creamy Banana Mentor Melon - Fresh melon medley 216 Fix - Cinnamon apple fritter Donut - Frosted bakery classic Shaker Berry - Ripe strawberries Rockport - Vanilla custard Blue Headlands - Wild blueberries Westside Waffle - Buttered Belgian waffle Cleveland Rocks - Strawberry fizz candy The Q - Grape taffy Creme Brulee - Vanilla custard with caramelized sugar crust Cleveland Dream - Orange ice cream bar Downtown Loop - Cereal milk Metro Tarts - Kiwi sweet and tart candy Lakewood Lemon - Tangy lemonade Slider Slushy - Blue Raspberry frozen drink Wickliffe Wafer - Vanilla cookie The Jake - Pineapple Upside Down Cake NorthCoast - Orange Fizzy Candy Chocoliers - Chocolate Donut Lemon Pound Cake Watermelon Bubblegum Cinnabomb Strawberry Milk Cannoli Key lime Pie Nana Taffy - Banana Taffy, Tastes like Runts Bananas