Left Coast Salt E-Liquid 60ml

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Left Coast Salt E-Liquid 60ml
Flavor Profiles:
Convicted Melons: Fresh, crisp & delicious. Honeydew dominant flavor with tart green apples and sweet strawberries.
CTC Cereal: An excellent cereal vape, pleasant cinnamon cereal with sweet sugary milk.
Gentlemen Juice: A delectable candied watermelon with rich concord grape juice and a touch of menthol.
Hibiscutazz: A delightful blend of Hibiscus, and Raspberries.
Milk of the Poppy: Milk of the poppy is a delectable, complex blend of flavors. A sweet custard vape with dragon fruit nuances that is sure to lull you into love. Our consistent top-seller.
Mountain Top: What started as a simple strawberry watermelon vape quickly peaked with an added touch of crisp Fuji apple and a dash of menthol.
Santa Cruz: The perfect warm weather vape. This is a tantalizing mix of sweet strawberry blended with crisp tart limeade.
Strawkiji: A perfectly balanced blend of Strawberries, and Kiwi.
Maui Sunset: Dominant pineapple backed up by mango and papaya with a splash of cream. A lovely tropical vape.
White Peach Yogurt: This is a light, crisp, juicy white peach surrounded by dark Madagascar vanilla, mixed with delectable creamy yogurt.