• G-Coils- Aliens
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    G-Coils- Aliens The alien coil is made of 4 pieces of wire. There are three 'core' wires and one wavy 'outer wrap' wire. I use a 36ga outer wire for all alien coils.All of the alien coils listed on this page will work on unregulated single battery and parallel battery...

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    G-Coils- Fraple Framed Staples consist of stacked ribbon wire and round wire. These coils have 6 pieces of ribbon, two 'frames' that lay on the side of the ribbon, and a wrap wire. All 26ga Framed Staples are wrapped with 36ga Nichrome 80. 28ga Framed Staples are...

  • G-Coils-Fraliens
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    G-Coils-Fraliens Fraliens are Framed Staple coils that have an Alien outer wrap.Specs:Frames: 2x27 N80 Ribbons: 0.4 KA1 Outer Wrap: 36 N80WARNING: USE HIGH DRAIN BATTERIES. DO NOT INSTALL ON SERIES BOXES. WARNING: THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH TOBACCO OR...