Cotton Bacon Prime

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Cotton Bacon Prime

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Cotton Bacon Prime By Wick N Vape
The Cotton Bacon Prime By Wick N Vape is the most cutting edge, cleanest and easiest to use cotton wick. Cotton Bacon Prime outperforms in all areas of wicking; providing 33% faster absorption, easier separation and as always: free of impurities, natural oils, pesticides and completely tasteless.


Easy To Use 4" Cotton Strips (10 Strips)
U.S. Grown Dual Fiber For Optimal Wicking & Heat Resistance
Thicker Fibers Than Previous Cotton Bacon Products
33% Faster E-Liquid Absorption Rate
Easier Cotton Separation
No Break-In Time - 100% Tasteless Wick
Unique Authentication Number For Verification
Perfect For Squanking & Tanks With Any Rebuildable Deck


1 Cotton Bacon Prime Bag (10 Strips)